Education Department and Sarva Shikshana Abiyana

They are one of the key stake holders in making the project run successfully. We meet the Special Project Director and brief him the purpose with which the project Every Child in School, is started. We also take views and concern of the Education Department in the development of the project. We standby to the norms and regulation of the Education Department. We share the reports of Every Child in School, to keep the stake holders updated about the ongoing activities.

School Development Monitoring Committee (SDMC)

The Department of Education had introduced SDMC for every Govt. School in order to uplift the functioning of the Govt. School. We need to work with the SDMCs that are not functioning properly and ensure that their names and contact numbers are displayed in the school premises. Through Every Child in School, we will be addressing the functioning of SDMC. We have listed few of the roles of the SDMC.

  1. Inform to the people in the neighborhood about the rights of the child of the school.
  2. Monitor that teachers are not burdened with non academic duties other than those specified in section.
  3. It shall also hear grievances of teachers as the first level of local authority.
  4. Ensure the enrolment of all non school going children in the neighborhood irrespective of religion, race caste, gender, language and place of birth and continued attendance of all the children from the neighbourhood in the school. Towards this SDMC may conduct enrolment drives, bridge courses and special campaigns for female children. Facilities, enrolment and education of children with special needs need to be available.
  5. Bring to the notice of the local authority any deviation from the rights of the child. In particular mental and physical harassment of children, denial of admission, and timely provision of free entitlements.
  6. The School Development and Monitoring Committee may also involve all parents in the activities of the school and to motivate them to offer constructive suggestions to the local authority and School Development and Monitoring Committee for improving the school. It shall also address grievances or complaints made by students. Parents, teachers and non-teaching staff of the school.
Government Schools

We work very closely with the Govt. Schools. Our aim is the enrolment of school drop-out children, to run a bridge centre in the school premises, to do a follow-up of the children drop out from the school, to make the SDMC functioning actively and to ensure clean toilet rooms for better hygiene. We choose the Govt. Schools with which we would like to work. The Govt. School, SDMC and Every Child in School will work hand in hand for the development of the school children

Community / Village Panchyath and Youths

We will work with the communities to identify the school drop-out children. The community should support and take interest in sending all the children aged between 6 to 14 yrs to school. Besides that, youth committee will be formed in order to encourage them and co-operate with us in convincing the parents to send their children to school. Through Every Child in School, we provide support for the children out of school. Similarly support will be taken from the village panchyath members in sending the children to school.

Child Welfare Committee

We identify that the child may be in need of care and protection and need residential support for a long term. Such cases will produce in front of the Child Welfare Committee to help the child. Even if the children are out of school, the report will be given to the CWC, we will call a meeting of the CWC in that area to convince the parents to send their children to school.


During working in the Community, we hold meeting with the community leaders, parents, youth etc. We will also invite the police to be part of these meetings. The police also enforce the parents to send their children to school. In the needy cases, we will use police help in convincing the parents and community for sending the children.

Civil Society Organization (NGOs)

We work together with the NGOs in identifying the school drop-out children, organizing the meeting with the community leaders, village Panchyath, youths, working with Govt. School etc. We assist in the implementation of the Every Child in School program in the NGOs which are very dominant in specific areas.


Many corporate are willing to fund and support the education programs. We keep on tracking the corporate to support our cause. They also help us in reaching our target plan.


Volunteers from various organizations wish to work with us. We identify the volunteers and engage them to work on the project component of Every Child in School.

Funding Agencies

We will work with the donors for funding the project Every Child in School. There might also be agencies or individual donors.

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