Campaign for School Enrollment

This campaign will be done with the help of volunteers. They might be able to identify the children aged 6 - 7 years for school enrollment. It will be done every year in June and July at 50 locations. We will identify the children and admit them in the Govt. School. Through this campaign we will indicate the significance of education in the community.

Fun Learning Centre

We will run fun learning centers in a locality, which will create interest in education and bridge the learning of the children. This centre will help more than 100 children in admitting back to the Govt. School. In this centre children who have never gone to school and school dropouts for a short period will be covered and helped.

School Motivation Camp

These camps are suitable for rehabilitating the addicted, run away from home multiplies times, hard behavior children and the ones who are simply not interested in studies. In the urban / semi urban areas, we find a large number of children who have dropped out of school and indulge in small thefts, spending the majority of their time on the streets. Efforts should be taken to put these children back in school is the need of the hour. For these type of children special interventions like School Motivation Camps are needed to motivate them to give-up the street life and take-up education. Need Base India previously have organized two camps by enrolling 25 children in each camp. The results were fruitful; after completing the camp, 80% of the children got enrolled into school.

The objectives of the camp are the following:

  • Educate the children on the adverse effects of bad habits
  • Teach the children the values of life
  • Strengthen the relationship between the children and their parents
  • Create the interest in education and support their continuing education
  • Counsel parents and evolve follow up method to keep the child parent bond strong and healthy

The camp will runs for 30 days for a batch of 25 to 30 children. We have a weekly schedule of the camp activities. The camp covers the major aspects like:

  • (1) ill Effect of Street Life or Adverse Health Impact Due to addiction to Substance Abuse
  • 2) Creating interest in Education and Importance of Education
  • (3)Society and Family Recognition
  • (4)Goal in Life and Strong Will Power

Post the camp, we organize a meeting with the parents to share their feelings and also talk about the problems of their children. We motivate parents to spend time with their children and also to pay attention to their daily activities.

Through organizing these two camps, we have found substantial changes in the behavior and attitude of our children. Gradually the children can pay attention towards learning.

Bridge Course: After the camp, the children continue to stay for a period of three months in the centre and we focus on increasing their learning ability. Depending upon the learning ability, the children will be admitted in the classes.

Settlement: It almost takes around six months to one year for a child to rehabilitate. All the children will be admitted in the formal School. If the family situation is well, the children will be reintegrated with the parents and in cases, where the family is not well, these children will be admitted in the social welfare hostel, Lakshya Udaan Home and Sneha Ghar for continue schooling.

Foster Care

We come across very young children with both parents expired or children who have lost but difficult to trace their families. The family situation should never be a reason to keep the child away from the school. This is why the organization provides alternative arrangement for such children and ensures that the child goes to the school without any interruption. The organization identifies foster care parents, who are interested to take up responsibility for the well being of a child.

Residential Institutions

The children who live in dysfunctional families where it is not possible to keep the child and family together will be sent to institutional care. Need Base India also run the project Rainbow Home for the girls and Lakshya Udaan / Sneha Ghar Home for the boys for the street and vulnerable children. The children can be kept in these homes or they can also be referred to other NGOs residential centre. These institutions should provide holistic development in the children and prevent the child from becoming a school dropout.

25% seats for the under privileged children in RTE Act

As all we know that the Govt. had introduced RTE, where in it says that 25% of seats in the private schools should be reserved for under privileged children and for children belonging to low economic class. This scheme gives an opportunity for the vulnerable children to get better education. The community is unaware about the RTE and the poor families feels inferior to approach the schools for admission of their wards. It is not only challenging in getting admission of a child in a school, but making the child to cope with the school learning and environment. So Need Base India would like to work on the pilot basis to identify the children and get admission in private schools.

The below activities will be undertaken to implement the RTE project

  • Awareness in Community: We identify two to three slum locations and work with the community. We talk to them about the RTE with the parents, community leaders and sensitize about its benefits. We do door to door home visits and create awareness. Also we prepare posters and pamphlets, which will be circulated at important places.
  • Identification of the Children: In this project, we will identify children aged up to 6 years, who can be admitted in 1st standard and efforts will be taken to convince their parents to admit their child under the RTE quota in the private school. We conduct parents meeting in the group and involve local leaders and officials from the Education Department at the community level to convince the parents.
  • Running a Learning Centre in Community: The identified children will be brought to our day care learning centre to improve their learning skills and making them to cope-up with private school environment. We also teach basics like greeting teachers, manners, cleanliness etc.
  • Admission Process under RTE: We assist the parents in getting the legal documents and admit the children in the private schools situated nearby their localities. We will do follow-ups for two consecutive years to prevent the child dropping out from the school and also assist in teaching the child.
  • Project Implementation: This project will be implemented in four slum localities and by covering 10 private schools. It will be a pilot project for one year and it covers 100 children from the weaker section of the community. We will mobilize education materials from other sources and the parents also contribute for the uniforms. At the end of the project, we will hopefully enroll 100 children in private schools. If the project accomplished, it can be scale able and replicable.
Prevention of Adolescent Girls from School Drop Outs

In rural places, it is a practice that girls at the age between 14 to 16 yrs are forcefully dropped from the schools. So through Every Child in School, we work with men and women to convince the people about the inaptness of this practice and every girl, even though she is grown-up, needs education for her better future. We prepare pamphlets, posters, campaign to eradicate such practices in rural and semi urban places.

Ensure Toilet Rooms for Girls and Boys in the Govt School

As per the Right to Education Act every Govt. School must have clean toilets rooms for their students. The Education Department constructs toilet rooms for every Govt. Schools. But its maintenance needs to be improved, so that the children feel comfortable to use the toilets. There are cases, where the girls have dropped out from schools due to lack of clean toilets rooms in the schools. Every Child in School also addresses the issue and tries to end this menace.

Beeti Padhao (Daughter Education)

Through Every Child in School, we will identify the girls who have lost their fathers and staying with their mothers. The mothers in their life often have faced a lot hardship. It is obvious, that the girls also end-up in facing the same situations. So we will provide sponsors for these girls to continue.

Success Stories


Arbaaz was addicted to street life. After going through our school motivation camp, his tendency of running away has stopped.


Arjun was addicted to street life. After going through our school motivation camp, his tendency of running away has stopped.


It is very unfortunate that Manjula had never gone to school and she was engaged in begging by their parents.