Every Child In School

This project Every Child in School has recently started on June 2014, with the aim that every child should have the opportunity to attend school. It is a fundamental Right of the Child to go to School. A lot of children with a difficult background are already enrolled in our or similar projects but the number of children who are out of school is still very high. There are around 3 to 4 lakhs children out of school and this should be concerning all of us. We are planning to work in Karnataka and Bihar to put all the children in the school. Currently, we have admitted ------ children in schools.

Issue and Challenges: It has been an issue for a long period of time, that lots of children are not attending school. We estimate that there may be more than 3 to 4lakhs children out of school. As per the India Today article 14th Feb 2014, it states that 1.7 lakhs children are out of school or never gone to school in Karnataka. In spite of Government providing many facilities/schemes to ensure that all children are able to attend school, there still are children out of school. It is not only the Government responsibility to enroll all the children in school but also civil society organizations/individuals should take the initiative to help the Government in reaching out 1.7 lakhs children out of school. Its a huge number but together be will be able to help these children.

In this context, Need Base India is initiating a project by name EVERY CHILD IN SCHOOL and conduct Campaign, Activities, Programs etc. across Karnataka for the children Out of School. Our Aim is to ensure that down the line by 10 years, in Karnataka no child should be out of school. Its a dream of all the people to make Karnataka free from school dropout.

The program is starting on the 1st June 2014 by covering a few areas at Bangalore, depending upon the resources, the project will be gradually extended to all the districts of Karnataka. We will create a website for this project and are looking forward to your support and volunteering by helping us to admit the children to school.

Category of the Children out of School: There are four categories of the children out of the school.

  1. Children who never gone to school: Children aged between 6 to 14 years, who have never gone to school.
  2. Recent school dropout: Children who recently dropped out of school due to family problems but are good in studies.
  3. School drop out for a short period: Children who dropped out of school for various reasons but mainly because of the disinterest in studies. Their learning level might also not be similar to their class members.
  4. School drop out for a long period: In this category, children may have run away from home multiple times, habituated to street life, get used to hard behavior or not been interested in studies.


  • The number of children out of school is huge and the enrolment of all these children demands a proper strategy.
  • Creating a more child friendly environment in the Govt. Schools.
  • Increasing the participation by the stake holders to make the community/parents realize about the importance of education.
  • Bridging the learning level of the children will be a challenging.
  • Need to work with more number of stake holders for effective implementation of the project like Education Dept, Sarva Shikshana Abiyana, Govt. School Head Master, School Development and Monitoring Committee (SDMC), Youths, Gram Panchyath Members, NGOs, Volunteers etc.
  • The Fund-raising for the project Every Child in School will be a challenging.

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Success Stories


Arbaaz was addicted to street life. After going through our school motivation camp, his tendency of running away has stopped.


Arjun was addicted to street life. After going through our school motivation camp, his tendency of running away has stopped.


It is very unfortunate that Manjula had never gone to school and she was engaged in begging by their parents.